Project Management

Our company specializes in all types of project management and construction management services. We offer diversified project experiences, to project developers, concession companies, government and statutory agencies, turnkey contractors and the development of contractual strategies. The systems we employ are developed and proven reliable over the years; hence ensuring control over the many critical elements involved in our execution process.

Land Development

Our team works with a wide spectrum of clients including institutions, government agencies, private landowners and the project development industry. We have an exceptional understanding of the land market and our clients’ requirements. This means that we can tailor strategies to maximize the value of any project or deal. Our team are experts at identifying and acquiring vacant sites with development potential and arranging sale and acquisition of properties and building land on behalf of landowners and developers across Malaysia. We relish challenges and specialize in resolving complicated site issues – from contamination problems to title, planning, access and environmental concerns.

Investment & Consultancy

We place great commitment to our clients; every property we propose is one that we believe in. We have a team of investment managers and researchers who conduct thorough due diligence on the developer, the development itself and the market in which it is being built.  We are financially committed to only those we believe will deliver strong results and in return give priority access to the best global property investment opportunities for our clients.